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We now operate over 20,000 beds and 82 properties nationwide for a mixture of international and UK funds. Our approach is aligned with investors’ in order to achieve the maximum Net Operating Income (NOI) and meet our target KPIs.

  • With a strong understanding of the student market, we can assist you with a range of different services to help you achieve your NOI, with our fee incentivised based on the NOI achieved.
  • We offer a consultancy service throughout the planning application process and we can support you in product design to suit every location.
  • We carry out a financial appraisal of competitor rents and their fixed expenditure to generate the NOI.
  • A part of our service is that we undertake the total transfer of operational risk, we do this by wrapping fixed expenditure costs; including Facilities Management (FM) and life cycle cost by directly employing staff.
  • This allows us to concentrate our efforts on delivering an exceptional student experience and a bespoke sales and marketing plan in order to maximise the occupation and rents for each type of room.
  • We drive NOI based upon our £100 bed / annum fee, together with our incentivised fee approach. 
  • We have a robust booking and finance reporting platform that is built to improve our processes and procedures formatting.


Our team is the same team that lead the expansion of Derwent, generating 18,000 beds within 4 years from a standing start in 2010 to 2014. This same team have moved over to Homes for Students to replicate this success. Any lessons learnt have been built into the setting up and operations of our systems and procedures.



To be seen as the best Student Accommodation Partner in the marketplace.


To enhance the daily lives of students in the buildings we manage.


Working with integrity, honesty and equality in everything we do in order to put students first.


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