London, Not The Most Expensive City For Students?

Mar 16, 2017

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A new study has revealed that London is not the most expensive city in the UK for students to study.

According to NatWest’s student living index, the English capital is not even in the top five, and instead finds itself way down in seventh place.

The survey determined that Edinburgh is the priciest place for students to pursue their academic ambitions, followed by Southampton, Cambridge, Oxford, Plymouth and Sheffield.

This is despite the well-worn ‘paying London prices’ phrase, and the city’s reputation for being one of the most expensive locations in Europe.

NatWest surveyed 2,500 students during the research process, in order to pinpoint the most and least affordable places for students to study, of 25 university cities. A wide range of factors were taken into consideration including student accommodation prices, cost of living and average income for students.

The survey also concentrated on the amount of money students spend when going out, and how much time they invest in their studying commitments. The cheapest places for students to study are Portsmouth, Liverpool and Newcastle, claims the study.

Dan Jones, who is head of student accounts at NatWest, said: “Making the most of university can be expensive and there is a massive difference in the costs students face depending on where they choose to study.”

London’s seventh-place standing in the survey results will come as something of a shock to those who assumed that one of the most iconic and diverse cities in Europe would be significantly more expensive for students.